How it Works

What makes Functionize’s AI / ML stand apart from the rest?
ML model is 99.9% accurate

99.9% accuracy

Highest model accuracy in the industry and tests that make decisions in sub-seconds

Dynamic learning - model adapts to changes in your application

Dynamic learning

Machine learning adapts to changes in your application and dynamically learns over time

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Visual AI combined with machine learning for a deeper understanding of application changes

The benefits of the Engine

Unique fingerprints for elements

Unique fingerprints for elements

Engine builds a detailed fingerprint for every element in your UI. This allows it to identify elements even if they are moved, restyled, and renamed. This makes it even more powerful than a human tester.

Deep knowledge and understanding of your UI

Deep knowledge of your UI

Engine creates complex composite models of your UI. This allows it to understand what each element actually does, not just what it is.

Self-healing tests

Self-healing tests

Test maintenance is a real time-sink for QA engineers. But ML Engine enables self-healing tests because it knows how your UI is really working.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

One of the most advanced features of our Engine is its ability to track back to the actual cause of a test failure. This is especially critical in complex systems where data changes and external factors can trigger test failures.

Finding solutions

Finding solutions

Identifying a failure is only half of the problem. Engine also uses its knowledge of your previous test runs and test procedures to try out fixes. It assesses the most likely and presents this to you for approval in a 1-click update.

3 Levels of Machine Learning

With our ML Engine, our data scientists are pushing the state of the art for intelligent test automation. The ML engine is not a static system. It adapts to change and continues to learn at 3 levels:

1) Individual Tests: The understanding of the intent of the test is updated every time the test runs

2) Application Level: A complete model of your whole application is updated over time

3) Global Level: The engine learns how UIs work in general, effectively becoming an expert in UI/UX design best practices

Computer Vision

Computer Vision Validation

More Than a Pixel by Pixel Comparison. Functionize will visually learn your application-layout and identify any test failures or anomalies leveraging our ML Engine.

Smart screenshots: ML can understand application changes

Smart screenshots: Combining computer vision with machine learning allows for a deeper understanding of application changes.

Functionize leverages true color, no compression screenshots

Functionize leverages true color, no compression screenshots, analyzed by our ML Engine, to quickly mitigate visual issues, supporting development velocity.

Computer Vision Validation

Accurate Element Detection

Eliminate visual test failures quickly & easily. Measure visual completion of each page versus only the DOM to better understand when users can fully interact with your product.

Functionize collects hundreds of attributes per element

Functionize collects hundreds of attributes per element to maximize element accuracy and make xpath/element ID selector-based failures a thing of the past.

Vastly reduce visual-based test failures

Vastly reduce visual-based test failures, regardless of the complexity or density of the page.

Accurate Element Detection with ML

Reduce Maintenance

Eliminate hundreds of hours debugging/maintaining with one-click update and self-healing tests. Functionize’s Root Cause Analysis engine supports teams to free up resources and focus on mission-critical tasks.

self healing tests

Tests self-heal to take the burden of maintenance off the user and onto the AI.

Root Cause Analysis

Remedy the root cause of any failed test with a one-click update across one of many tests.

ML Engine

ML Engine ensures visual changes to your site do not break your test suites.

Reduce maintenance with Root Cause Analysis

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AI-Powered Testing

Functionize is the industry’s most advanced enterprise AI-powered testing. We help teams break through testing barriers and enable organizations to release faster.

Learn how Functionize intelligent testing platform can help you:

  • Create AI-powered tests using Architect or plain English via natural language processing
  • Reduce test maintenance time by 85% with self-healing tests
  • Scale test execution and run cross-browser tests in parallel