Performance & Load Testing

Performance and Load Testing

Deep insights into performance and load data

Your website is ready for exponential growth.

Customers have less tolerance today than ever before for websites that are slow and error-prone. Functionize ensures that your website is ready for high traffic demands.

Once a functional test is executed, Functionize provides both performance and load insights without any additional steps.
Performance data that reflects what a real user would see.
Load testing that’s created by executing functional tests against your website, at cloud scale using designated regions across the globe.
Website Load Test

Ensure durability of your different environments

Accurate load and stress testing.

Load/stress testing tools today are not indicative of real scenarios or interactions.

Functionize’s analyzes load of complex and real workflows versus simple page loads.
Traffic that is realistic and indicative of real users, not just a increased amount of API calls.
Real time insights into detailed performance data and analysis of trends and patterns.
State-of-the-art visual rendering of your app per screen.