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Slash Test Debt
with End-to-End Automation

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Break free from unrelenting maintenance cycles with self-healing tests powered by millions of data points that adapt with every release.
One day we had restyled a page pretty drastically. The head of QA came to me and said she couldn’t believe it!
None of the tests had failed.

Todd Erickson
Director of Technology, Agvance

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Our customers could not imagine
a day without Functionize

Test Debt is Killing QA Teams

The more you automate, the greater the maintenance burden. But your product releases do not slow down. And every new test creates even more Test Debt and mundane work you can’t keep up with.
Finally, there’s a better way.
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AI/ML is the Only Way to Automate at Scale

You can't scale test automation without using AI and ML

When creating a test, Functionize collects millions of data points related to the UI and functionality of your site. We feed this data to our machine learning algorithms so they can adapt with site changes and self-heal tests that would typically otherwise break. When tests do fail, there are multiple no-code ways to fix in a few clicks.

Test Creation
is Not Your Problem

Test Maintenance is the real problem and the burden you need to solve

None of our competitors come close to solving the biggest challenge in testing: Test Debt.

We’ve collected billions of data points and our models have been trained for many years, making them almost human-like.

Our competitors will keep you focused on test creation, but the maintenance burden will always remain.

Functionize enables you to move beyond the burden of Test Debt so you can automate more, increase product coverage, and focus on higher-value tasks.  

In fact, we’ve even seen it boost team morale.

Start Testing at the speed of CI/CD

Remove the maintenance burden and optimize your testing at the pace Agile software development with our unique approach to testing.