Test Cloud

Scale your testing with a dedicated cloud infrastructure specifically optimized for AI-driven software test automation.

Agile testing cloud environment drives cost reduction with Generative AI


Achieve significant savings by slashing infrastructure costs, and lost time due to fixing local run blockers.

Rapid Deployment

Our test cloud enables lightning-fast creation and execution of scalable, durable tests in mere minutes.

Enhanced Coverage

Support cross-browser and cross-environment compatibility, and test from any region internationally.

Our AI-Cloud Infrastructure is YOUR Testing Infrastructure

The Functionize Test Cloud equips teams to perform generative AI functional, visual, and end-to-end testing, all within a single platform, eliminating the need for teams to build and maintain their own testing infrastructure.

At Scale Execution

Scale hundreds or thousands of tests rapidly in parallel from any geolocation.


Ensure a seamless experience in all major desktop and mobile browsers.

No-hassle Infrastructure

Say goodbye to infrastructure overhead costs, dealing with third-party providers, patching Selenium bugs, or losing time due to compatibility issues.

Any browser at limitless scale while saving your money
Massive scaling yet nuanced with orchestrations and scheduling

Orchestration Control

Easily leverage advanced orchestration options to populate test data. Run tests in parallel or sequentially, with different groupings and environments.

Smart Scheduling

No more failures due to conflicting tests: schedule 1000+ tests within minutes.

Mobile Testing: Scale on Demand

Tests run on mobile devices thanks to advanced nested virtualization. Emulate any mainstream mobile platform with ease.

No Device Farms

No need to maintain an expensive complex device inventory pulling resources away from development.

Mobile Scale

Easily scale from one to many mobile devices, across Android and IOS.

Easy to Maintain

Effortlessly maintain your mobile test cases with Functionize’s ML engine.

Use any browser for any mobile device without using device farms

Comprehensive Coverage

See anomalies, perform regression, smoke or canary testing

Discover anomalies before they reach your customers through the power of the test cloud. Mitigate business risk with several layers of testing coverage such as regression, smoke, and canary testing.

Simplify your Infrastructure

Logically combine your tests and monitoring systems to work together.

Maximize Uptime

Continuously run your tests to monitor the core areas of your product and get alerts into key performance metrics such as page load and visual completeness.

Deeper Insights

The power of the cloud gives you deeper insights than ever before into how your UI is performing

Performance Monitoring

Our bespoke performance metrics provide a better understanding of your UI performance. Our visual completion metric measures when a user can first interact with your site, and you can explore the detailed load times for every page.


The Functionize CLI gives developers the unique opportunity to run automated tests against their local builds. This custom feature dramatically improves product quality and delivery velocity.

Download Datasheet

Download our datasheet to discover why Functionize is the #1 Enterprise AI-powered testing platform. In our datasheet, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Advanced Deep Learning: Learn about our industry-leading ML models that offer unmatched accuracy and adaptability in QA testing.
  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities: Explore our all-in-one platform that supports a wide range of testing needs, from APIs to email, across multiple environments.
  • Autonomous Operations: Understand how our platform’s autonomous test creation and self-healing capabilities reduce manual effort and enhance test coverage.
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure: Learn how our cloud-based testing infrastructure allows you to perform tests at scale, efficiently, and cost-effectively.