Test Maintenance

Powered by Adaptive Event Analysis TM

Our unique Adaptive Event Analysis TM employs AI and Machine Learning to look deeply into applications, enabling no hassle maintenance in a visual environment.

Expansive Data Collection

Exhaustive data collection of all elements.

  • Size of element
  • Location on page
  • Previously known sizes and locations
  • Visual configurations
  • Xpaths
  • CSS Selectors
  • Parent and child elements

AI Powered Data Modeling

Functionize leverages all the collected data.

Ensures elements are correctly identified by using hundreds of data points, not a single selector like legacy test automation.

Step by Step Analysis

Easily drill down into a broken test case.

Any member of your team can identify and resolve any issues within your test suite.

Computer Vision Diagnosis

Identify breaks using a visual test case history.

A screenshot says it all. View previous successful runs of the test case in any browser.

Live Edit Changes

Simply drag and drop.

No need to record an entirely new test.  Pick up where you left off, and easily replace or insert new actions.

Smart Suggestions

Root cause analysis.

Update your test with smart suggestions, including global changes to a test suite in one click.

Smart Data Mapped

Ensure your visitors do not hit roadblocks with new releases.

Compare the multi-dimensional application map to a previous version ensuring critical user flows are not broken.

Smart Object Libraries

Automatically populated.

User interactions will autonomously populate smart objects and generate hundreds of data points for each.

Visual Difference

Taking computer vision even further.

Compare a ‘clean’ screenshot to identify differences in your layout and structure over time.