Functionize Testing Suite

Functional Testing

Build tests fast, combining robust test recording with point-and-click test creation. Script only if you need to.

Functionize’s Recorder is unlike recording technologies of the past. Create test suites across complex application environments

Big data, machine learning, and machine vision help your tests self-heal around trivial changes, and speed your work fixing real issues.

AI, computer vision and automatic suggestions power self-healing tests

Get results back in minutes. Test across multiple browsers and device types and work in parallel to get results quickly.

Performance Testing

Benchmark rendering, measure latency of web-tier services and back-end processes; evaluate throughput on payment and other external APIs.

Get trending performance into your entire application without any additional steps

Functionize’s state-of-the-art visual rendering provides fresh insight into page performance.

Since Functionize runs everything in a browser session, the performance data is very indicative of what a normal user would see.