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What is “A/B Testing” and when is the method deployed?

A/B Testing is a simple yet powerful measurement methodology that is generally used to evaluate user experience and/or marketing engagement. A/B testing is limited to testing two variations, but subsequent testing rounds can rule out a large number of possible versions and gradually lead to the best approach.

A/B Testing - An Intro to Split Testing

Why A/B Test?

There are many small details that may have a significant impact on the marketing performance of a website or an email, including text size or font, image positioning, headline style, button colors, etc. One can never be sure about what would work better against another choice until an A/B test is conducted.

A/B Testing Examples

An example would be to present site visitors with two similar versions of a website or element and then measure the click rates on each of the iterations. The same concept would work in email design, user interface design, and various marketing assets where performance and engagement are pivotal.


There are many tools that can help measure AB testing performance.  For starters, you can rely on platforms like Google Analytics and measure the key metrics.  But, there are many platforms available to help deploy AB tests as well as understand the performance metrics.

Platform Considerations

There are other platforms that support A/B testing, allowing marketing teams and conversion rate experts to provide feedback to the development team:


The bigger the testing group, the safer the deductions that can be drawn. The same process can be repeated multiple times, helping the marketing and development teams perfect software releases and strategies.