SmartFix: 3 ways it solves your test maintenance headache

January 27, 2021
Functionize 4.0 introduces SmartFix, a powerful feature that helps testers with their biggest problem—debugging and fixing broken tests. Test maintenance is history!

Testers today spend as much as 30% of their time maintaining tests. Why? Well, web application UIs change constantly. But, even when the business logic stays the same, these UI changes break your existing tests. In turn, this means you have to spend precious cycles fixing those tests. And as soon as you fixed all the tests, they break again because another release gets pushed. This vicious cycle of constantly fixing broken tests eats up a large portion of a tester’s time. And with new releases being pushed out weekly, or even daily, it can be challenging to figure out why tests are breaking, let alone fix them!

Introducing SmartFix

Functionize 4.0 includes SmartFix, a powerful new feature designed to help testers with this very problem by recommending ways to fix broken tests.  


What can SmartFix do for you?

SmartFix suggests one-click fixes, so that testers can easily solve three types of scenarios:

Suggesting the correct element if the original element is not detected

When your application changes, oftentimes the elements in your test are no longer detected. If we can find an alternate element that seems correct, we suggest it to you. Then you simply pick the correct element and update the test directly from a screenshot.

Smartfix - Element Section Suggestion Flow


Suggesting the correct verification if the original verification fails

As your application evolves over time, tests that should pass start to fail due to overly strict tests. A great example is if you are using “equals” instead of “contains” to verify attributes. In this type of scenario, we suggest a one-click fix to correct the verification and select a new operator to avoid failing tests.

SmartFix - Verification Selection Suggestion


Warning you when the password is incorrect

Passwords change all the time, so your tests should not break simply due to incorrect or expired passwords. Of course, we cannot suggest the right password for you, but we will see that the password is likely to be the culprit and suggest you update it.

Smartfix - Password Warning Suggestionn


How does SmartFix work?

Functionize takes a big data approach to dynamically learn from your application and suggest ways to fix your tests using SmartFix. We collect thousands of data points with each step of your test, including the entire state of your page before and after each action. All this data is analyzed by our intelligent rules engine, so that when your application changes, we self-heal your tests and also provide SmartFix one-click suggestions to ensure your tests don’t break.

How can I see SmartFix in action?

SmartFix is a core feature of the new Functionize 4.0. It’s a key part of our drive to help you test smarter, not harder. If you want to see it in action, you can sign up for a free trial today. Alternatively, book a live demo with one of our team.