Automated testing turned inside out with Xray and Functionize

Both Xray and Functionize are designed for modern software development and they also work seamlessly together. Taken together, this will help you speed up testing and delivery.

Both Xray and Functionize are designed for modern software development and they also work seamlessly together. Taken together, this will help you speed up testing and delivery.

September 30, 2021
Judy Bossi

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Both Xray and Functionize are designed for modern software development and they also work seamlessly together. Taken together, this will help you speed up testing and delivery.
If you want your digital transformation to succeed you need to use the right tools. This isn’t just about Agile development and CI/CD. It’s also vital that you embrace the latest innovative test tools. Both Xray and Functionize are designed for modern software development and they also work seamlessly together. Taken together, this will help you speed up testing and delivery.

The Xray  integration gives you all the functionality you need. Easy creation of automated tests, more visibility into testing results and increased team collaboration. You can quickly integrate Functionize with your Xray deployment, be it Cloud, Data Center or Server.

The benefits

The Xray and Functionize integration brings you some key benefits.

  1. Rapidly create automated tests. Tests take minutes to create using Architect from Functionize—no code required. Build complex end-to-end tests in minutes. Test the UI, API, databases, file exports, and two-factor authentication. You can even use our computer vision tools to make sure your application looks as expected.
  2. Self-healing tests powered by AI. Dramatically reduce test maintenance hours with Functionize. Machine learning uses big data to learn from your application. This allows tests to keep up with UI changes, and tests self heal with 99.9% accuracy. Fewer broken tests means you can dedicate more time to automating even more tests!
  3. Increase visibility. Everyone in your organization has unlimited access to Functionize test results from Xray and vice versa. Just use the embedded hyperlinks to jump back and forth between them. This maximizes visibility for your teams to dig into automated test details, linking information from both tools.
  4. Comprehensive reporting. Rely on Xray’s detailed test coverage and traceability reports. Create traceability between Jira requirements and associated Functionize test results. So, no need to compile data from multiple sources to build reports for manual and automated tests!
  5. Maximum collaboration. Increase team collaboration by centralizing all your tests in Xray. Using Xray to track all your test results makes it easier to get feedback. This means you can share results with a wider audience and make quality decisions together.
  6. Reduce infrastructure overhead. The Functionize Test Cloud allows you to run your tests in the cloud with no dedicated infrastructure. This gives you unlimited scale, meaning you can run tens of thousands of tests in parallel. Moreover, these tests can be run on any browser (including mobile) and from any location globally.

The challenges we solve

Combining Xray with Functionize will let you solve some of the hardest challenges in test automation.

Traditional automated testing becomes expensive to maintain

Scripting automated tests is laborious, time-consuming and expensive. You need skilled automation engineers and effective communication and collaboration in your cross-functional teams. Test scripts need to be rewritten for every browser or device, slowing down the speed of test creation. Even worse, test maintenance becomes a dominant part of a tester’s time, leading to test debt.

Automated tests must be updated anytime there’s a UI change. This leads to a lot of time spent maintaining existing tests, which prevents testers from automating more areas of their application. Automated testing is supposed to speed things up, but in many cases, it slows down testing due to ongoing maintenance burden.

Automated tests create a “black hole” and block transparency

Traditional automated scripts are notoriously difficult to track. Even if you understand how to code, you may not understand the particular test framework. This means that when a test fails, it’s difficult to decide whether it needs to be fixed before the release. This also means that it’s challenging to know which areas of the application have automated already versus which areas still need to be automated. Quality is supposed to be a shared responsibility; however, the lack of transparency makes it hard to make these decisions together.

The Solution

Accelerate test automation and create transparency with Xray and Functionize

With Xray and Functionize, teams can quickly create, run and report smart tests with total control of the entire process to release quality software with confidence.

Functionize reconnects product teams, developers, and quality engineers by enabling them all to participate in the testing process. Tests take just minutes to create (no code required), run across browsers, and self-heal with UI or structural changes.. This modern approach to testing allows testers to quickly increase their automation coverage without wasting precious time to test maintenance.

Teams can save test cloud infrastructure costs. The Functionize Test Cloud allows tests to be run at scale (up to tens of thousands at the same time) from any geography. This allows you to run localized tests to mimic the experience of your global end-users.

Xray and Functionize helps enterprise teams track and report testing activities from a central place.

Link Functionize tests into Xray to get total coverage and easily manage all testing across even the most complex applications. Xray serves as the source of truth for testing activities across all applications, even if you use more than one automation tool.

Use detailed traceability reports to find and fix what went wrong with test failures and easily collaborate with developers. This allows your whole team to focus on delivering bug-free software faster and more efficiently.

How it works

Automate Xray manual tests linked to stories/requirements by using Architect to create the test in Functionize. After a test is automated with Functionize, test results can be triggered manually from the Funcionize orchestration. This creates a Test Execution in Xray. You can create complex orchestrations using the linked tests to run across different browsers, to run tests in parallel or sequential order, or even data-drive your tests with TDM.

These test results can be pushed automatically to Xray to have full visibility of orchestration results. Alternatively, you can push tests on demand (ad hoc) after you’ve reviewed any failures from Functionize. This allows you to have more control over the results passed to Xray to simplify reporting. Finally, build detailed reports for both manual and automated tests in Xray and increase your team's collaboration and visibility. 

Anyone who wants to view test details can click into the Functionize link. The Functionize test results show test step details, including screenshots, and access into the developer console to view cookies and network calls. There’s no need for a license to see this information since Functionize subscriptions are charged on the number of executions.  

integration between Functionize and Xray

The integration between Functionize and Xray provides:

  1. Automation of existing manual tests by using AI/ML.
  2. Links between automated Functionize tests and Xray manual test.
  3. Creation of complex test suites with Functionize orchestrations.
  4. Visibility of Functionize test results in Xray.
  5. Test coverage and Traceability detailed reports built from a single source.

The result: more visibility into automated test results

Stop wasting time fixing broken tests from complex and expensive automation processes. The Functionize + Xray integration empowers your teams to build smart tests that heal on their own and increase their collaboration with full visibility among testing results and detailed reports that can be built by using Xray and Jira as a single source of truth.

About Xray

Xray is a cutting-edge test management solution that uses Jira native issue-types so users can plan, organize and execute all of their testing activities from Jira.

Watch webinar video from 2021, October 28th - to dive deeper into the integration. Learn more about the new Xray integration here.