July 26th in New York: Digital Transformation Experiences in the Cloud

July 24, 2018
Tamas Cser

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The "D" (Digital) word has become an integral part of boardroom conversations. Indeed, digital transformation has become critical for corporations to survive in today’s mobile, always-on world. Core to the digital theme is business speed and agility, and the cloud has become a key enabler of the transformation effort by raising IT responsiveness. For quickly creating and serving applications and data to users spread across the country or even globally, the cloud has no alternative. In a recent survey, 80% of organizations said that the cloud was essential to executing their digital transformation strategy.

However, for large, established corporations, moving to the cloud continues to present hurdles:

  • Large, monolithic, mission-critical applications that may need to be refactored and rearchitected to become cloud ready.
  • A job made somewhat easier with the advent of microservices and containers, but still no walk in the park.
  • Some applications may be best suited to run in your private cloud behind a physical firewall.
  • Dealing with multiple cloud providers across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS deployments could be easier said than done.
  • It could be easy to lose control over end-to-end services delivery, which could lead to a proliferation of independent, shadow IT instances.
  • Security threats could follow. With data moving to the cloud, the cloud instances could become targets for threat actors. But the responsibility for protecting corporate data in the cloud continues to lie primarily with customers not with cloud providers.

Automation, governance, and cybersecurity point the way to stay ahead. But there is nothing to beat experience! This event will give you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of four exceptional digital/technology leaders and how they took their organizations through their cloud journeys. Join us along with Daphne E. Jones, Fortune 50 Leader; Laura (Radel) Cruz, Chief Information Officer at ICL; Peter Morales, VP - Chief Information Officer at CIEE Council; and Robert Kelbe, Chief Information Officer at Security Finance, in an engaging panel discussion about the challenges they overcame, and the significant business gains they made. Dan Holewienko, Managing Director, TBT Management Consulting and Head of Transformation and Architecture Service, Marlabs, will moderate the conversation.

Taking place in an intimate setting, the event will also provide the opportunity to network with other senior digital/technology leaders like yourself along with cocktails and dinner to understand cloud transformation and testing

TO REGISTER: https://events.marlabs.com/digital-transformation-experiences-cloud/ 

The Speakers: 

Daphne E. Jones, Fortune 50 Leader | Laura (Radel) Cruz, Chief Information Officer at ICL | Peter Morales, VP - Chief Information Officer at CIEE Council | Robert Kelbe, Chief Information Officer at Security Finance.