Migrating from Test Project into Functionize

Functionize is a great fit for Test Project users looking for alternative options. Read on to learn why Functionize is the best solution to replace Test Project.

Functionize is a great fit for Test Project users looking for alternative options. Read on to learn why Functionize is the best solution to replace Test Project.

October 4, 2022
Tamas Cser

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Functionize is a great fit for Test Project users looking for alternative options. Read on to learn why Functionize is the best solution to replace Test Project.

Change doesn’t have to be hard. Functionize future-proofs tests

The testing tools market is always evolving. Test Project is sunsetting its product and users are looking for alternatives. Migrating from a testing tool that’s reaching the end of life can seem like a scary ordeal. But, this can be an opportunity for positive change to replace Test Project with a solution that’s better suited for resilient tests powered by AI. Here’s why you should consider Functionize to replace Test Project.

Why Functionize has the best feature set to replace Test Project

Self healing tests that are powered by AI: rather using selectors to find elements, Functionize uses big data. This means that hundreds of attributes are collected for every element on the page for every single test step. So, rather than wait for tests to break so that they can be “healed,” Functionize keeps tests up to date. This drastically reduces test maintenance time, so you can spend more time creating more tests rather than fixing your existing ones.

Supports complex application UIs that are difficult to test including dynamic elements, iframes, and pop ups, which means Functionize can handle even the most complex web applications like Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow.

Supports end to end testing: test sophisticated flows including email and text message verification for multi-factor authentication, file testing (csv, xls, pdf, word), verifying API calls, and database queries. All of this is available through the web so there’s no clunky desktop app that you need to keep up to date.

Tests are auto-scaled and run in the cloud: which means that tests can be run in parallel across multiple VMs, but in a virtualized environment. So you don’t have to setup, configure, or maintain test machines. They are always ready to go and new VMs are spun up at runtime, so your test environment is always cleanand you can rule out environment-related issues.

Smart Waits are adaptive waits: to help you avoid flakey tests by handling changes in page loading times. There’s no need to hard code wait times, so it’s easier to create tests and avoid unnecessary failures.

Supports continuous testing: includes integrations with common CI tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, and CircleCI. Functionize CLI allows you to run functional UI tests along with CI builds. Because tests are stronger with AI, they’re less likely to break and won’t slow down your CI/CD process.

Don’t be fooled by easy importers

You have a great opportunity to get a fresh start and move away from a Selenium based framework.  With modern testing tools like Functionize you are no longer bound to the past and to test automation vendors that only offer a Selenium import option to migrate tests. No  migration is a simple copy and paste even when moving from Selenium to Selenium based wrappers. You will need to spend effort verifying that actions were migrated successfully. Realistically, you will spend a significant amount of time identifying broken tests and updating actions to ensure your test acts as expected.  This will not only happen on your initial migration but for every upgrade in the future. 

Migrating out of Test Project into a new tool may seem like a cumbersome task, but it’s a one-off event. The real pain will come from the effort to rebuild your test library over and over again to keep your tests up to date with every release going forward. Consider this recurring test maintenance effort into your Test Project replacement decision. 

Functionize has a world-class support team who can help recreate existing tests to help streamline the onboarding process. If you really need a boost, we can provide professional services to accelerate your migration process.

Why Functionize tests differently

  • We believe testing should be codeless. No code should be required to automate tests so that testers can allow their domain knowledge and problem solving expertise to fully shine. You can still incorporate code if you want to extend your tests, but programming is not necessary.
  • We believe that element selectors are evil. Whether you’re using 1 selector or 4 selectors, it doesn’t matter. If you’re using CSS or xpath selectors, that’s still relying on Selenium. This means that keeping your tests updated with selectors is cumbersome and this maintenance overhead leads to test debt. That’s why we use big data and AI in order to recognize elements to ensure your tests don’t break. This is the only way to scale test automation and keep up with the pace of development.
  • We believe testing with the cloud is necessary. Modern testing requires running tests in parallel, and installing and keeping local agents up to date on multiple test machines is archaic. To fully harness the power of AI for testing, you need the computing power of the cloud. That’s why the Functionize platform includes a test cloud so that you can easily run multiple tests at once without worrying about heavy Selenium grid setup or expensive cost of maintaining VMs.

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