What’s New in 4.0

Check out what’s new in Functionize 4.0, our most exciting release to date! Our intelligent test automation solution took a major leap forward with customer requested enhancements and new features powered by machine learning.

January 5, 2021
Judy Bossi

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Check out what’s new in Functionize 4.0, our most exciting release to date! Our intelligent test automation solution took a major leap forward with customer requested enhancements and new features powered by machine learning.

Key Features

  • SmartFix: One-Click Suggestions for Tests That Fail
  • Force Fail
  • Extensions: Reusable Custom Code
  • API Improvements
  • Additional Deployment Options


Our goal is to help testers “Test Smarter, Not Harder.” So, we leverage the power of machine learning to solve the painstaking (and painful) process of test maintenance. Modern applications are constantly evolving, with new releases being pushed out on a weekly or even daily basis. When the application UI changes, tests constantly need updating, even when the business logic stays the same. Functionize’s intelligent testing platform can autonomously heal your tests or recommend ways to fix broken tests.

Our new SmartFix feature suggests one-click fixes for three types of scenarios:

SmartFix for Incorrect Element Selections

When your application changes, oftentimes the elements in your test are no longer detected. If we can find an alternate element that seems correct, we suggest it to you. You can simply pick the correct element and update the test directly from a screenshot.

SmartFix for Incorrect Verifications

As your application evolves over time, tests that should pass can start to fail due to an overly strict test. A great example is if you are using “equals” instead of “contains” to verify attributes. In this type of scenario, we suggest a one-click fix to correct the verification and select a new operator to avoid failing tests.

SmartFix for Incorrect Passwords

Passwords change all the time, so your tests should not break simply due to incorrect or expired passwords. Of course, we cannot suggest the right password for you, but we will suggest you to update the password without having to debug the test manually.


Force Fail

Functionize tests are optimized for self-healing. As applications change, element selectors can change drastically. This is a major culprit of broken tests. We solve this problem using machine learning and select the most probable alternative element on the page in an attempt to self-heal. Of course verifications are excluded from self-healing behavior, so we always recommend including verification steps throughout your tests. In the event of a false negative (steps that passed that were supposed to fail), we give you the ability to manually force the step to fail. This corrective action will allow the machine learning model to learn from your tests. In turn, this ensures that tests are passed or failed correctly when executed again in the future.



Using Functionize makes it extremely easy to build intelligent tests without writing any code. However, sometimes you may wish to incorporate blocks of code to build more sophisticated, integrated tests. With the introduction of Extensions, technical users can incorporate Javascript, Python, or Go code directly into Functionize tests. This allows you to add pre- and post- action reusable functionality. For example:

  • Trigger actions in another application before or after a test step is performed
  • Generate test data on-the-fly: draw data from an external tool and pass that into a test (or vice versa)

We offer multiple ways to leverage these extensions, whether you want to store code in the Functionize Cloud or trigger an external extension hosted in your own environment. Once these extensions are created, they can be shared with your team, so even non-technical testers can take advantage of these customizations.


API Improvements

Our interactive Swagger-based API documentation makes it easy for automation engineers and developers to learn Functionize APIs. The “Try It Out” feature lets you see the request parameters and descriptions of possible responses. We even show you the schemas for each parameter, so there is no confusion. APIs are a powerful way for you to perform actions in bulk outside of the application UI. Looking for a way to impress your teammates? Integrate your AI-powered tests with your existing tools to increase transparency and improve the efficiency of your team.


Additional Deployment Options

Functionize is proud to be the first modern web-based test automation platform to offer an On Premise deployment option. With the new On Premise offering, you can either install on your own hardware or deploy on your own cloud, whether that is using AWS, Azure, Google, or any other cloud vendor. Our installation script makes it very easy to install using the command line interface.

How to Get Started

Seeing is believing! Try out all these features and more in the Functionize intelligent test automation platform. Sign up for a Free Trial now. You can also access our most recent webinar: Test Smarter with Functionize 4.0.

Coming Up Next

Our magic does not stop with 4.0! Here are some of the features that are in development for future release:

  • Enhancements to computer vision verifications including baselining and full page validation
  • Improved UX will be a major theme of the coming year as we incorporate feedback from our amazing customers. Next in line: improvements for Page Objects and faster Test Case Details and Orchestrations screens!
  • Live Execution and Live Debug: run your test up to the point where you want to modify or debug the test’s workflow. You will be able to click and play up to this point and then start/stop and rewind in record and playback. This will make test editing much more interactive, so you can incorporate data from live execution. Executing tests in this pure, clean environment will eliminate any chance of environmental factors causing issues.