Functionize joins IDevNews Application Architecture Summit | September 20th

September 8, 2018
Ankur Verma

Power of Microservices

Develop an Agile & Dynamic App Strategy

Functionize joins idevnews application architecture summit | september 20th

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Application Architecture Summit is a multi-vendor online event where experts explore application platforms, frameworks and tools for low-hassle and light-speed app development, testing, delivery and security.

  • Microservices, APIs, Cloud & ContainersExplore these key ingredients to new-gen app architecture. Cross the chasm from 'fail fast' to 'succeed frequently.'
  • Cloud-Native & Hybrid Omnichannel AppsBuild or migrate mobile, web and omni apps for cloud-native, multi-cloud or hybrid environments. Avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Low-Code Development for Fast Apps Low-code, no-code model-driven platforms to design and deliver apps quickly and easily. Eliminate complex programming. Promote agility, reuse and even self-service.
  • Intelligent Process Apps & Automated Flows Streamline complex processes with new-gen apps and workflows. Eye-popping business outcomes and customer UX. Explore RPA.
  • Enterprise-Class DevOps is HereAlign developers and IT ops. Speed the new agile app lifecycle - from design, test, launch, orchestrate & management.
  • AI, Machine Learning for Smarter, Stickier AppsLearn how firms use AI/ML to improve testing, user experience, security and more.