Jon Seaton, Director of Data Science, to Speak at Big Data Innovation Summit

June 1, 2018

Functionize has been invited to present at this year’s Big Data Innovation Summit in Las Vegas. Renowned and world-class speakers and delegates will be in attendance, covering a multitude of topics surrounding big data strategies, including how machine learning and AI are transforming the business landscape today, as well as the rise of predictive analytics and IOT. In a similar fashion whereby statistical analysis transformed the Oakland Athletic’s 2002 storied season (Moneyball), businesses today can learn how to correlate overlooked metrics to recognize patterns in large data, and to create a more robust bottom line. Topics will include:

  • Embracing the next wave of tools and technological capabilities to supersede your competition
  • Effectively navigating a high-volume of data in a data-driven world
  • Encouraging a proactive, innovative data culture to improve key decision-making processes
  • Leveraging data insights to create a quality business’ product and create personalized customer strategies
Jon Seaton
Jon Seaton, Director of Data Science at Functionize,

will address the Summit on how a hybrid approach to boosting machine learning models yields better results. Adaptive Boosting is a machine learning meta-algorithm that can be used in conjunction with many other types of learning algorithms to improve performance. In practice, it can be used in a variety of industries and applications. His session will focus on hybrid or ensemble approaches of machine learning that combine the inherent value of unsupervised attributes with specific techniques of Supervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision.

Learn more about Jon Seaton.  Visit the Big Data Innovation Summit website.