Marlabs and Functionize Partner Together to Transform Software Testing

August 7, 2018


Bangalore, India, and Piscataway, NJ, -- August 7, 2018 --- Marlabs Inc., an award-winning digital solutions provider that enables enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey, announced today their partnership with Functionize, the creator of the first autonomous cloud-based testing platform that incorporates AI and machine learning technologies to automate the painstaking software testing process of web applications.

This partnership will bring the power of Functionize’s AI-Powered Testing solutions to Marlabs clients and enable them to speed up go-to-market by radically transforming test creation and maintenance in a CI/CD environment. Functionize is excited to announce patent-pending AI technology that leverages natural language processing (NLP) to turn test plans/user journeys into ready-to-use, durable, functional test automation. Maintenance is automatically triaged by their root cause analysis engine, highlighting all potential causes for test failure and providing a path for one-click updates.

“With the steady increase in software complexity and the pressure to release more frequently, our clients are looking to ramp up on CI/CD and test automation built on reliable and maintenance free platforms,” said Jay Nair, COO of Marlabs. “With Functionize’s AI-driven platform, our clients attain a competitive position that fully exploits AI-powered Continuous Testing, which will translate directly into faster delivery with higher quality products and delighted customers.”

“We are very happy to partner with Marlabs and support their customers on their software testing needs,” added Tamas Cser, Founder & CEO, Functionize. “Leveraging AI, ML, and NLP, Functionize is transforming the test creation and maintenance process. The result is an over 90% reduction in test creation time, over 70% reduction in test maintenance, thereby turning QA testing into an agile process.”

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