SQALogic Partners with Functionize to Ensure an Optimum Testing Solution

SQALogic is delighted to welcome Functionize into its network of strategic partners

SQALogic is delighted to welcome Functionize into its network of strategic partners

September 25, 2018
Geoffrey Shenk

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SQALogic is delighted to welcome Functionize into its network of strategic partners

San Francisco, September 25, 2018 -- SQALogic Technologies, the leader in end-to-end quality solutions, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Functionize, the first AI cloud-based technology that helps testers of all skill sets to test faster. Based in San Francisco, Functionize’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning transforms QA from a cost center into a revenue generator. As software impact moves from the IT department to the CEO’s desk, Functionize enables faster software releases and higher customer satisfaction—while reducing the risks inherent in current QA testing approaches.

SQALogic is a Canadian company specialized in quality assurance and security that offers high-quality services to its clients and partners. Its main objective is to deliver projects without issues or difficulties. Thanks to its expertise, projects are deployed into production smoothly and easily. 

“The innovative services and technological solutions that SQALogic offers are a natural complement of Functionize’s AI-based quality solutions,” said Tamas Cser, Functionize CEO and founder. “Functionize is onboarding new enterprises each week, and having an experienced partner like SQALogic means we can tackle complex challenges together. Thanks to this emerging partnership, our clients will be able to benefit from SQALogic’s industry expertise, as their team will be working in collaboration with ours.” 

“SQALogic is delighted to welcome Functionize into its network of strategic partners,” said David Milette, SQALogic’s President and co-founder. “Our company has many elements in common with Functionize and our respective areas of expertise are highly complementary. AI testing is the future of test automation and we see this partnership will allow our customers to get a head start in the market.”

About Functionize

Functionize is democratizing quality assurance and their latest announcement that leverages patent-pending AI technology and natural language processing (NLP) to turn test plans/user journeys into ready-to-use, durable, functional test automation, is a game changer. Maintenance is automatically triaged by a root cause analysis engine, highlighting all potential causes for test failure and providing a path for one-click updates. Businesses that have a commitment to implementing AI at the enterprise level are already experiencing greater operational efficiency and better product results. Developers are renegotiating their involvement within Agile and DevOps strategies, as smart algorithms are now capable of tackling the most repetitive problems presented in testing automation.

About SQALogic

SQALogic specializes in total quality assurance. That is to say that beyond the software aspect, what matters is the customer experience, your experience. Our goal is to deliver your projects flawlessly and without hassle. Leveraging unmatched global quality assurance expertise, the Go-Live for SQALogic clients will be carefree. SQALogic works with you to design a no-nonsense action plan based on today's best practices. Most of all, we will tailor this to meet your company's goals and your budget. By orchestrating a network of experts in the field, SQALogic helps you grow your business. It is about putting the right people at your service, in the right place, at the right time. Working with the SQALogic is an investment in GUARANTEED results.

SQALogic’s benefits:

  • Network of experts
  • Personal designed action plan
  • Goals achieved
  • Money saving
  • Guaranteed results